It is undeniable that websites are now an incredibly valuable part of any company. Regardless of how small or large your business is, if you have a website that is confusing or hard to navigate then you are going to lose business. If you are looking for a web designer in London then Elite is the company for you.

At Elite it is our aim to ensure that your website is at its most optimum, ensuring you don’t miss out on any business because of poor formatting and ‘busy’ interfaces.

Here we outline exactly why it is key you use Elite, one of the best website designers to create your website.

Design Counts
Research has found that design elements are actually more powerful than content, so before you start writing an easy for your website perhaps you should consider your design. These studies found that people were more inclined to mistrust a website if there was poor web design. Our web designer is well aware of this and as a result we look to keep website layouts clear and clutter free, avoid excessive advertising and pop-ups and add a lot of creativity and life to our sites so that visitors enjoy the time they spend browsing them.

Finding A Balance
As a popular web designer we are commonly tasked with striking the balance between content and web design. But the truth is both of them work hand in hand to create a good site. We believe there is nothing better than providing great quality for your site, but if you use poor web design then you will be sacrificing this content as visitors will find it too overbearing amongst a poorly designed webpage.

Converting Visitors
The biggest challenge for websites is converting visitors into buyers. What keeps people coming back for more is a simple and easy to use interface that provides them with clear, concise options. If you get this right and match it with good quality content and products then people will be much more inclined to visit your site on a regular basis. Lets put it this way, have you ever considered buying something from a site only to change your mind because you felt the layout and design was odd? We know we have.

Avoid Trends
We see trends everywhere these days, all it takes is one person or company to spark something and all of a sudden we are all inundated with a swarm of it. The tendency is for companies to jump on these trends in the world of web design and whilst this might be effective in the short term, it can be fleeting and it won’t give you a long-term web presence. As one of the best website designer in London we will be able to help guide you to make smart decisions when it comes to formatting and designing your site, with an eye on the long-term rather than what might work in the instant.